The Islamic Workplace

JOHANNESBURG – As millions worldwide bid farewell to Nelson Mandela, many Muslim eyes were turned back to history, reviving memories of a long history of interaction between Muslims and the iconic leader across the past decades.  As the Nelson Mandela himself once said, ““In the face of European colonialism, Islamic communities took their place along the whole spectrum of resistance politics, including the struggle against apartheid.”  Nelson Mandela’s friendship with Muslims and his knowledge of Islam goes back many years before almost to the time of his arrival in Johannesburg when he met many of his comrades the likes of Molvi Cachalia and Molvi Saloojee and many others. ”

“In spite of their small numbers in relation to the total population, Muslims have  made  a profound  contribution to the religious,  social,  economic,  cultural  and  political development  of  South Africa. During the  darkest days  of  apartheid,  Muslims played a…

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