The world sees a man that millions loved return to Allah Almighty. 

A man that possessed many values of Islam, that were taught before by the greatest teacher and leader, Muhammed (saw). 

A man that stood up against falsehood in his home country South Africa and stood up against the falsehood present in Palestine. 

A man that was part of team that built their own prison cells and he resided in his during a jail sentence that spanned decades, and when given the opportunity, forgave his oppressors and preached reconciliation 

I visited Robin Island and stood in his cell. Those who have done this will understand the depth of ability to forgive in Mandela, which most definitely was far more difficult than the course of redemption. 

Islam teaches us to take good from wherever it exists, and the life of Mandela in our time cannot help but make us appreciate the importance of having a vision and believing in achieving it, forgiving those who have wronged us, speaking a good word, smiling, having good manners, suppressing anger and hatred, and being sincere, committed, active, proactive and excellent in everything we do. 

Our Prophet (saw) praised Mut’im b. Adi for his values that were worthy, and now we have an opportunity to practice this sunnah. 

Alhamdullah for Islam- which is always upon the middle way.

May Allah Almighty protect our Islam and cause us to die upon Imaan. Ameen. 

Source: Sajid Ahmed Umar